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This is LandRoot's music site.
Welcome, and come here to listen my musics :D
I'm usually composing musics for games.

Square Vibration

To use a strong sounds that is full of emotions.
Trying any way I can such as using synths, durms, etc...

Thrill in Trill

Sometimes full-classical-instruments aren't bad.
Sometimes we need to be quiet.

early morn feat.UNI

I'm also using vocaloid UNI!
In other musics, UNI's voice even appears as a chorus.

M.P.R.(means Made Public Recently! lol :P)

[Recently Video Project] Unawaken

This song is the most experimental song I've ever made.

The old songs are too slow compared to the fast BPM.
I felt myself that the composition was ambiguous.
So this time, we decided to distinguish between fast and slow sections.

The first and second sections, which are fast sections, are divided into 32 minutes of notes.
In fact, when I first came up with this idea, I played it one by one at about a quarter of the speed and wrote it down in the midi.

On the other hand, I paid the most attention to the slow part that starts around 40 seconds.
It took longer than I thought to put in a calm yet rich sound.
It's also my favorite part.

[PABAT! 2021] Aq.January

One day in January, a child sees a star at the beach by chance.
There were countless stars in the sky that the child looked at.
It was filling the black winter night sky, showing off various colors such as blue, red, yellow, and white.
In fact, these stars are all works of a stargazer.
Aquarius, which appears in January, is also a work of her too.
Since it is time for the Aquarius to appear, the stargazer weaves the Aquarius with dexterity and hangs it in the sky.
Of course, this constellation appears in front of the child who was looking at the stars.
The child who found the Aquarius made a wish on the star, and the stargazer found it.
All of a sudden, the meteor begins to pour out.
The star fairy appeared to the child in a falling meteor shower.
And we go up to the sky together and show you all the stars that we've been associated with.
The stars seen in the sky were much more beautiful than those seen on the ground.

[BOFXVI] 1379

"The algorithm idea for finding prime numbers in succession to Sieve of Eratosthenes"

[BOFXVI] Wanna get to Mun

"from Erth, to Mun..."

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